How is my ETH priced when I pledge?

ETH has high price volatility on the market.

To protect community interests, we designed an index to calculate the estimated conversion rate between ETH and Token.

The conversion index is calculated by volume-weighted average price of ETH in Australian market. You can see the historical index result here

The real conversion rate is the rate on settlement date.

It's important for you to understand that backers are still bearing the price fluctuation even after they pledge with ETH. That is, ETH could drop to a lower price after the pledge, but before the settlement date. The real conversion rate is determined in accordance with the ETH price on settlement date. 

We encourage backers to understand this risk before they pledge. 

For Example, String Funding listed Perter's project and Ben contributed 1ETH on 22 October at ETH price of A$285.26. On 29 October, the project was settled and the price of ETH became A$282.55. Ben's contribution would be calculated at price as of 29 October (A$282.55).

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