The token system is securer, easy to manage and easy to be traded

ERC-20 tokens are created and generated by a smart contract based on Ethereum blockchain. Blockchain maintains the transactions record chronologically and publicly. 

Powered by Blockchain, owner of tokens claims full ownership and controllership of tokens on hand. Smart contract information is public and transparent, relevant information such as total supply the recirculate supply, is observable by the public. 

The trust is naturally built on the community, therefore the token rewards system is better than the traditional rewards (cash rewards, gift rewards, discount rewards) system. 

The token can be transferred without bypassing the third party, which makes the trading activities less costly and more quickly. People can now trade the token back to other currency (e.g. Australian Dollar and US dollar) with lower cost.

In summary, the token system is a supplementary, not a replacing, system to existing monetary system. Transferring value now becomes quicker, easier, cheaper and safer compared to traditional money system. 

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