What to do if I cannot receive String Funding emails?

  • Outlook Users:
  1. Please turn off your Beta on the top-right of your page;
  2. Click (setting;
  3. Choose Safe mailing lists;
  4. Add the following emails: no-reply@string.fund   support@string.fund to the Safe mailing lists;
  5. Click Save.


  • Gmail Users:
  1. Please click  () on the top right and under your account profile;
  2. Choose Setting - Filters and Blocked Address-Create a new filter;
  3. Add the email in the From and then click Create a filter with this search;
  4. Please type the following emails in your From list: no-reply@string.fund   support@string.fund;
  5. Tick Never sent it to Spam and then click Create filter.


  • Yahoo Users:
  1. Please click  () on the top right;
  2. Choose More settings at the bottom;
  3. Click Filters-Add new filters;
  4. Add no-reply@string.fund   support@string.fund one by one under the From drop-down menu- Contain;
  5. Click Save.
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